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G.Schmahl, P.Guttmann, D.Raasch, P.Fischer, G. Schütz
Imaging of Magnetic Domains at BESSY
Synchrotron Radiation News, Vol. 9, No. 6 (1996) 35-� 39
P.Fischer, G.Schütz, G.Schmahl, P.Guttmann, D.Raasch
Imaging of magnetic domains with the X-ray microscope at BESSY using X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Z. Phys B 101 (1996) 313-316
J. Thieme, J. Niemeyer
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Geologische Rundschau 85 (1996) 852-856
G. Schmahl, D Rudolph, G. Schneider, J. Thieme, T. Schliebe, B. Kaulich, M. Hettwer
Diffraction Optics for X-Ray Imaging
In: Nanotechnology - Special Issue of Microelectronics Engineering, eds. P. Vettiger, D. Kern, U. Staufer, Microelectronic Engineering 32 (1996) 351-367
T.Schliebe, G.Schneider, H Aschoff
Nanostructuring high resolution phase zone plates in nickel and germanium using cross-linked polymers
Microcircuit Engineering (1996)
H.Kihara, A.Yamamoto, P.Guttmann, and G.Schmahl
Observation of the internal membrane system of COS cells by x-ray microscopy
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and related Phenomena 80 (1996) 369-372
M.F.Trendelenburg, O.V.Zatsepina, T.Waschek, W.Schlegel, H.Tröster, D,Rudolph, G.Schmahl, H.Spring
Multiparameter microscopic analysis of nuclear structure and ribosomal gene transcription
Histochem Cell Biol 106 (1996) 167 - 192
T.Preis and J.Thieme
Dynamical Studies of Aqueous Clay Mineral Dispersions by X-ray Microscopy
Langmuir, Vol.12, Nr.4 (1996) 1105 - 1106
A.Irtel v.Brenndorff, B.Niemann, D.Rudolph, and G.Schmahl
A Monochromator for Scanning X-Ray Microscopy Beamlines at 3rd Generation Synchrotron Light Sources
J. Synchrotron Rad. 3 (1996) 197-198
B.Niemann, T.Wilhein, T.Schliebe, R.Plontke, O.Fortagne, I.Stolberg, M.Zierbock
A special method to create gratings of variable line density by low voltage electron beam lithography
Microelectronic Engineering 30 (1996) 49-52
G.Schmahl, D.Rudolph, B.Niemann, P J.Thieme, G.Schneider
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T. Salditt, D. Lott, T.H. Metzger, J. Peisl, G. Vignaud, J.F. Legrand, G. Grübel, P. Hoghoj, O. Schärpf
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Physica B 221 13, (1996)
T. Salditt, D. Lott, T.H. Metzger, J. Peisl, R. Fischer, J. Zweck, P. Hoghoj, O. Schärpf, G. Vignaud
Observation of the Huygens-principle growth mechanism in sputtered W/Si multilayers
Europhys.Lett. 36, 565 (1996)
T. Salditt, D. Lott, T.H. Metzger, J. Peisl, G. Vignaud, P. Hoghoj, O. Schärpf, P. Hinze, R. Lauer
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Phys.Rev.B 54, 5860 (1996)